Friends, Food and Fun at J.Fargo’s

We have some spectacular motorcycle riding opportunities in the Four Corners region. Vast open deserts to the snow capped mountains, they all seem only five minutes from each other! We also enjoy riding where we live, seeing the deer, elk, eagles, hawk and plenty of other wildlife… including a lot of fellow riders! We have many biker groups and motorcycle clubs visit us at J. Fargo’s.

We decided to share as many as these groups with all of you as we can. Every one has been a pleasure to meet and hear their riding stories as well as how their groups and clubs originally formed and how they have grown.

If we have accidentally listed any of your club or group details incorrectly please send the correct info and we will get it updated as soon as possible.

The Choirboys Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club

These photos are of the Choir Boys Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club. Mr. Andy “Back Door” Baxter give me his card when their club was in, in June this summer. Also received a very cool ‘chip’ that says, US Border Patrol.

What a great group of guys! Some retired law enforcement and some active duty officers. I was most impressed by the work they do, raising money for fallen officers’ families. What a calling!

It was my understanding they were all in this area to meet up with a chapter than had formed in September of 2011 here in Colorado. God’s Speed and Blessings to you all!

More about The Choirboys Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club

The Ole Fartz Motorcycle Club

What can you really say to that name! What a fun motorcycle club. As they put it to me they “are of a certain age”.

The Ole Fartz were traveling with family and having a great time, and hail from the Santa Fe area of New Mexico.

The Hamsters Motorcycle Club

Imagine how excited we were to visit with the Hamsters! This group has a truly unique history and consists of riders from all over the United States and several members from Turkey, Cyprus, Australia, Germany, and Italy.

These folks have been involved with various charities, but most notably Children’s Care Hospital and School in South Dakota. Hamsters are expected to participate in at least one event a year, ride to Sturgis, and pay their yearly dues. It was a real treat to visit with these riders and admire their custom bikes when they dropped in!